Quality Soft Washing and Window Cleaning

Quality Soft Washing and Window Cleaning


Pressure washing service the woodlands

27 Apr 2022

Pressure Washing in The Woodlands

In has been quite a while since we last posted! Sorry!! We have been busy, but that is no excuse for negligence to our website! 

Trust the best when it comes to getting your home or business cleaned. Whether that be a Driveway Pressure Wash, House Soft Wash, Low Pressure Roof Cleaning or even a Parking Lot Pressure Wash. 

We are quality oriented and professionally trained. 

Don't let the high school kid from down the street clean one of your most valuable investments! We have commercial grade equipment that can perform at both high and low pressure to perform an adequate clean. 

All solutions used are biodegradable and safe. We not only remove the organic growth, but can prevent it from coming back. 

Lets turn that house into a home!


Woodlands Roof Washing and Window Cleaning

4 Mar 2021

Today was a great day! It started with a house pressure wash in The Woodlands, Texas. The customer was interested in getting his roof soft washed for moss removal. Spraying our safe biodegradable solution on the shingles to remove mold and mildew buildup. Working our way down we cleaned the gutters, then completed the house. It was dirty!!! So much mold. It is so easy to let the natural elements run rampant. Good thing for you we have the equipment and means to clean up your home or business. After the first job we went to another house pressure wash and window cleaning in Willis, Texas. Finally we unloaded the trailer and headed to Spring, Texas for a painting prep job. It was a lot bigger task then originally expected. Was planning on prepping and painting in the same day... looks like we will be painting all day tomorrow! Look forward to our next post to keep up to date.
30 Jan 2021

Soft Washing

I hear many people ask me now a days. Do you soft wash? This is such a confusing question because when most people think of pressure washing the name its self includes the word pressure. How can you clean something with pressure but it also be soft?? Let me break it down to you. When you have a structure or a surface that is subjected to multiple days of varying weather, whether that be sun, or wind or rain. It takes a toll. For instance have you ever left a wet towel on the ground for just a day or so and noticed it smelled funny just to have to wash it again? The same is true with your home, business, or concrete area. Mold is aggressive and can easily get out of hand. You must take care of this issue before it starts destroying your investment. Mold rots wood, Mold ruins paint, Mold looks dirty, Mold stinks. How often do you wash your car? Obviously the answer differs from person to person. Personally I am in the business of cleaning things. I like clean. 

So back to the original statement. What is a Soft Wash? Soft washing is actually done a few different ways. In short it is a chemical mixture diluted with water depending on the cleaning project. More Mold= More Chemical

Now don't let the word chemical scare you. When we clean anything we do a thorough calculation on the proper mixture to safely clean. Water Water Water there can never be enough water. When we spray your home, business, or concrete area we will thoroughly hydrate surrounding plant matter, and delicate surfaces. This ensures that only the pesky mold will be destroyed. Destroy the Mold!!! While keeping plants safe. Clean Time!!

Soft Washing is eco friendly. As long as the company knows what they are doing. Also soft washing is sometimes the only way to remove a mold stain. Trust the pros. Trust us. 

We guarantee will will clean your building, parking lot, monument, or any type of structure. Your happiness is our number one concern. 

We are your first choice for all low and high pressure washing needs